We are pleased to be able to offer the concerning client, a full compliment of Cheques.

From the simple Jiffy Cheque for your Accounting package to a complex cheque with safety paper we are able to create it for you. For laser feed cheques we can add Gold Foil for that added touch of safety. Laser feed cheques have a security screen printed on the back and include micro print signature line and warning band. Form feed cheques are also available in a number of styles and/or sized to fit your accounting package. Our small print department has the capability. 1,2 or full colour whatever the options, trust us to deliver at a competitive price.

If you have 5 or 5000 employees, our online system can handle your orders, provide a proof, and allow you to trace the order. To the corporate customer, we can even provide an instant proof online in real time. A No Hassle procurement system at your fingertips. What you click is what you get.

To check out our prices, navigate your way to our Quotation Department and follow the simple instructions.
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